Last Updated: 19 December 2019
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Welcome to College of Engineering- Wadi Addawasir,

Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University.

An engineering college, with all their departments and disciplines, are considered as one of supporters of the countries' economics. In this regard, the engineering role, based on knowledge economics, is a permanent source of various energy resources especially the renewable ones. Of course, this is rather than its main role in the development of human resources. Therefore, Colleges of Engineering have great contributions in qualifying the engineers who are definitely the main part in the industrial development. However, in this vast technology era, some changes in the engineering careers are emerged rapidly to fulfill and track the new modern demands. This can justify the great importance of developing new strategies and plans that can help the society by qualifying the engineers on modern methods in addition to activating the scientific research role.

Because of the above and to match with the current Saudi National Orientation, the College of Engineering at Wadi Aldawaser, Prince Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University (PSAU), relies on the recent and international standards in building their future plans. This is accomplished by assigning goals that are based on the modern ways of specific quality of the engineering learning outcomes. These outcomes are designed to be in the help of the labor markets as well as research, and to open a new horizon towards the current industrial revolution. Additionally, they can also help in creating new job opportunities to the new generations. Fortunately, in the engineering disciplines, one can find that many big and sophisticated industrial products were originally come from very simple ideas.

Cordially, I hope the reader enjoys exploring the college's website and can have a good glance about the College of Engineering at Wadi Aldawaser, PSAU, and all its academic departments. Finally, I wish you all very good luck.

Thanks and Regards,

Dr. Mujahed M. Al-Dhaifallah

Dean, College of Engineering at Wadi Addawaser

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