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Statistics and Information

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The main role of the committee is to collect data regarding feedback from the staff and students of the college. The committee also reflects upon various parameters like teaching, importance of the development of college and access to facilities. All this information is handed over to the dean and finally to the quality unit of the University. The committee tries to explore the factors that affect a certain parameter and the reasons of success for a particular goal. Access to information and availability of facilities in the college and outside the college, which are provided by the University and the other Universities with which our University has collaboration, is also focused upon as it can highly improve the rating of the research papers published by the college. Members also do the processing of collected data and its representation in terms of graphs, charts, and tables, which can be highly important in the accreditation process. The committee provides a chance to faculty members to improve upon their analytical skills, which help them in providing better coordination between teaching-learning processes and provide a guideline for plans of the vision of the college.


The mission of the Statistics & Information Unit is to do the collection, classification and analysis of faculties, Students and university related data


·         To provide timely and quality statistics to Dean / Authority of College of Engineering, for the formulation of plan and policy and acquires the information about Engineering students and faculty members.

·         Collect Process, analysis, publication, dissemination and protection of collected data from students and faculty members.

·         Coordinate with various departments involved in data collection, processing, and analysis to avoid statistical discrepancies.

·         Develop standard statistical system by performing a leading role in statistical activities.

·         Develop statistical manpower.

·         Developing and strengthening user groups that help University to maintain the quality work.

·         To utilize the information findings to improve the quality, relevance, and applicability of our academic programs, symposia, conferences and workshops.  

·         The Statistics Unit is administered by the College of Engineering, Wadi Al Dawasir.

·         Maintaining an alert system to which identifies and alerts the relevant user student and university authority to publications, consultation documents etc.



Sl No                 Name        Role
1Dr. Nisar Kottakkaran SooppyChairman
2Dr. V.N. JhaMember
3Mr. Firdouse AhamedMember
4Dr. Arafa ElmansiMember
5Mr. Yahya SherifMember
6Mr. Mohammed NeyyarMember

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