Last Updated: 19 December 2019
Scientific Research

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Distinction in scientific research and technical publication in the College of Engineering, Wadi Aldawaser


Contributing to the establishment of a distinct college of engineering in Wadi Aldawaser through the support of scientific research


1.        Translate the rules and regulation regarding scientific research, conference attendance, publications regulations and awards into English (unless they are already available in English) and publicizing these regulations among the faculty members in the college of engineering. This also includes any official PSAU forms.

2.        Prepare suitable appreciation and award certificates for faculty members contributing to scientific research areas, like presenting local scientific seminars, publishing papers, attending conferences, winning grants, etc.

3.        Collecting information about research lab facilities in the faculty of engineering in Al-Kharj and making this information available for our faculty members for possible cooperation and utilization of these facilities when needed.

4.        Collecting information from faculty members about the obstacles that hinders them from involving in research and publishing papers. This will be done through a questionnaire, analysis of its results, followed by a general meeting for discussion.

5.        Improving the “Scientific Research” link on the faculty website ( though:

a)             Completing the list of publications of faculty members

b)             Link to their own personal website where the publications are available

c)             Providing information about research ethics

6)        Coordination with Mr. Ismail for the technical side of the Thursday seminar in the faculty of engineering.

7)        Set a goal for every faculty member of one ISI/SCI/ESCI or Scopus paper this academic year

No                        Name  Role
1Dr. Obai YounisChairman
2Prof Essam SourourMember
3Dr. Nisar K SMember
4Mr Mohammed AlancyMember

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