Last Updated: 19 December 2019
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To design and develop a complete, attractive and informative college website.


To develop the academic website to provide 24*7 updated, appropriate and relevant information to the public and effective services to faculty members and students to further advance the College's Mission


1.      Develop an attractive and simple homepage which includes Image banners, Dean Message, College News, Events, Image advertisements, Faculty Members and Students advertisements and other necessary homepage links.

2.      Develop a series of webpages in order to provide rich information about the college, college profile, dean, college hierarchy, college standing committees, clubs in the colleges and Life at COE etc.

3.      Develop a set of comprehensive webpages which provides details of academic council, advisory council, office of administration and other College Units.

4.      Develop and integrate a dedicated webpage for each departments such as Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering & Networks and Library etc. with necessary links which provides department overview, chairman’s message, Academic Curriculum, Information about developments and quality activities, Faculty member and details summer training and senior design projects.

5.      Develop a broad academic curriculum for Electrical Engineering Program with all necessary course details and its documents related to ABET and NCAAA.

6.      Develop a complete webpage that offers information about level wise Exam Schedule and Time table for the College.

7.      Develop needed faculty profiles for each department with adequate information about the faculty member, designation, research interests and contact information.

8.      Develop a dedicated series of webpages to display essential updates and information about the quality and development activities as part of ABET and NCAAA accreditation of the College.

9.      Develop a  set of related webpages for scientific research which provides clear insight into details of research and publications of faculty members, funded research works and faculty seminar series etc

10.  Continuously update about various events of the college, news about college activities, students and faculties through appropriate display templates of the website. 

11. Create a webpage with attarctive and  positive information about Wadi addawasir teritorry andbenifits of working environment at the college of engineering, 

12. Create discussion fourm


   Sl No                Name                       Role
1Dr. Medien Zeghid  Chairman
2Dr. Yousef Daradkeh  Reporter
3Mr Manesh T  Member

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