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               With confident paces and rapid successes, the College of Engineering in Wadi Aldawaser is crossing its sixth year during which, the college achieved for itself a lot of achievements and establishing as well as gaining a prominent position within the educational system of Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University. The competency and training of the educational systems as well as the competency of the administrative and servicing systems that support the learning process, is clearly stated through the high educational and engineering standard of the previous year first graduated batch

     Since the start of the College in the academic year 1430 – 1431, it always applies the complete studying curriculum that is used by King Saud University and which is locally and internationally accredited. On the other hand, the college found specialized committee for the purpose of continuous revision of the educational curriculums so as to adapt to the recent development in either the scientific content or the Teaching Methodologies. Consequently, those efforts make the College possess an advanced center in applying measures of quality according to the reports of the accreditation committees of the university.

     Looking through the figures and the indicators that come from the administration, the quantitative and qualitative development is seen in the numbers of faculty members with their different scientific degrees and ranks and with the diversity of their micro specialization within the parts of electronic engineering, computer and internet engineering and the mechanical engineering. A development which is acting in accordance with the consistent increase in the number of the students that reached 300 students and the number of the faculty members which reaches 40 members, a thing that successfully insures the ongoing of the educational process.

      The administration of the university is carefully paying attention to insure the finance and support necessary for the development of the College laboratories and buildings. In addition to the future planning to insure in advance the necessary needs. Now the College is preparing to go to the new building which holds more than500 students and contains a total of 30 developed teaching halls, big library, halls specified for student’s activities and offices for faculty members. A thing that will positively reflected on the development of the educational process; achieving of projects and scientific researches and providing services and engineering consults for the generous people of Wadi Aldawaser.

    The Faculty is composed of six academic parts, which are electrical engineering, computer engineering and webs, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and agricultural engineering. Besides that, the educational plan of the College at Wadi Aldawaser is looking forward to achieving a high qualified and competent distinction in engineering education, through the use of modern teaching, training and technical aids in an academic and applicable way in different specializations of engineering as the same as what is followed by the best universities around the world 

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