Conclusion of the "Success Strategies" course

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Conclusion of the "Success Strategies" course


The college of Engineering at Wadi Al-Dawasir, represented by the Alumni and Community Service Unit in cooperation with the Student Activities Unit and the Student Club, concluded a course for the trainer Dr. Arafa Al-Mansi, entitled (Success Strategies) in the educational building of the college for two days.

Al-Mansi stressed that the trainees focus on success strategies and aim to provide students with the necessary information about the concept of positive thinking and impart the necessary skills to develop their abilities to deal positively with themselves and the environment in which they live to improve their living conditions and future and contribute to the development of their communities.

Also, summarize the key points of success with self-control, strengthen your self-confidence, and look positively at yourself. Control of negative emotions and their transformation into positive, representative modes of people, familiarity and how to make it with others, planning and goals, self-motivation.

Al-Mansi explained that in order for a person to succeed, he must trust himself, and through his self-confidence he will achieve communication with others. Through communication, he may find it difficult to deal with them.
 That is why we have ended the last day with self-motivation so that the individual reaches full success

Al-Mansi added that the beautiful thing I have seen is the positive interaction with the details of this course and the effort exerted by the trainees to acquire the skills. It is worth mentioning that the student participating in this course has a certificate from the college during his attendance.


Conclusion of the "Success Strategies" courseConclusion of the "Success Strategies" courseConclusion of the "Success Strategies" courseConclusion of the "Success Strategies" course
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