Last Updated: 19 December 2019

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In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate, and prayers and peace are upon the best of the prophets and messengers sent as a mercy to the worlds. And yet ...

Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering, one of the most important engineering disciplines, that is the industrial revolution and what the world is witnessing today in progress in all areas, was not to be unless the ingenuity of the pioneers of mechanical engineers, Who invented the gears used in the irrigation of crops, transformed wind energy into mechanical energy in windmills and invented the steam engine which was the nucleus of the Industrial Revolution.

Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering in Wadi Aldawaser, prepares mechanical engineers who are able to perform their duties in various areas, because it includes the following areas: design, manufacturing, materials engineering ,mechatronics , Thermal Engineering Science , Fluid and non-destructive testing, which makes the department graduates to work in many areas, such as factories , electrical power generating plants , refrigeration and air conditioning plants and many other civilian and military facilities.

Finally, I ask Allah the Almighty to preserve this country and help us for the good of Islam and Muslims and all mankind.

Dr. Maisara Mohyeldin Gasim

Department supervisor 

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