Last Updated: 19 December 2019
Reading Skills (2)

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ENGL 1241
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This course is a continuation of the teaching and learning of reading skills. It builds on the foundation laid by ENGL 1211. Therefore, this course focuses on reading and understanding longer documents (texts) and more technically-oriented content. The content focuses on engineering documents, covering materials related to the current majors College of Engineering in Al-Kharj. Students are to receive training on how to understand a whole document in terms of identifying its central thought and the ideas supporting the central thought. This implies understanding each of the paragraphs making up the whole document, as targeted by ENGL 1211. The skills targeted by ENGL 1241 pave the way for the writing skills in ENGL 1251. Specific performance objectives: by the end of this course, students should be able to (recognize the organization of the document, recognize relations between the parts of the document through cohesion devices, identify the central thought of the whole document, identify how the main ideas of paragraphs are related to the central thought, extract salient points to summarize the whole document). Understand the meanings of information expressed in graphs, diagrams and tables.

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