Last Updated: 19 December 2019
Writing Skills(1)

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ENGL 1221
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The general objective of this course is to provide learning experiences contributing to the development of the writing skills necessary for basic communication. While related to the ENGL 1211 reading course, ENGL 1221 represents a foundation for the ENGL 1251 writing course, which concentrates on paragraph writing, and subsequently for ENGL 1261, focusing on technical writing. This course starts with teaching the basic sentence patterns, followed by training in expanding the components of the basic pattern, using appropriate modifiers. Practicing basic sentence pattern expansion should reinforce the reading skills in general.
Specific performance objectives: write correct basic sentence patterns using words suitable to convey a specific meaning, expand the components of the basic patterns, using modifiers (single words, phrases and clauses), use correct punctuation with understanding, combine simple sentences using coordinating conjunctions to make compound sentences, combine simple sentences using subordinating conjunctions to make complex sentences, change subordinate clauses to phrases, Understand the meanings of conjunctions and use them to express relevant meanings, define objects, concepts and processes, use tenses correctly to express specific time relations, with particular attention to tenses expressing scientific facts and principles, write correct sentences using the passive voice wherever appropriate to stress the objective nature of the language of science and technology.
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