Last Updated: 19 December 2019
Reading Skills(1)

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ENGL 1211
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This course represents the foundation for the other courses. The general aim of this course is to provide experiences contributing to the development of efficient reading habits. In addition to reading for vocabulary and structure building, this course focuses on comprehending two common units of meaning the sentence and the paragraph in addition to short passages. Clear and accurate understanding of sentences is essential to all other comprehension skills and to the effective reading and study of whole documents. Specific performance objectives understanding sentences (recognize complete sentences, identify core components of the sentence, identify modifiers and the meanings they add to core components, recognize relationships among parts of the sentence, identify punctuation functions); understanding paragraphs (identify the topic of the paragraph–all details relate to and expand, in some way, the paragraph's main idea, recognize details facts and ideas which prove, explain, support, or give examples of the main idea of the paragraph, define the main idea).