Last Updated: 19 December 2019
General Chemistry

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CHEM 1010
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Introduction , Measurements : Large and small numbers Units , Prefixes , Conversions between units
(dimensional analysis , Temperature , Specific and heat capacity , Physical and Chemical Properties ,
Elements, Compounds and Mixtures , Energy changes in chemical reactions , Conservation of mass , Names
and symbols of the elements , Dalton's atomic theory , Formulas for molecular compounds , Composition of
the atom , Atomic symbols, isotopes , Acids and bases , Hydrocarbons alkanes, Atomic weights , The
chemical Bonds.
The chemical reaction , Types of reactions , Acid/Base reactions , Ionic compounds and solubility in aqueous
medium. Kinetic theory of gases , Boyle's law , Charle's law , The electromagnetic spectrum The emission
spectra of the elements , Rutherford model of the atom, Bohr's model of the atom , Modern atomic theory
discovery of the quantum ,The periodic table.